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Who are we ?  

We are a concierge company specializing in the management of short-term seasonal rentals, from Menton to Monaco. From the management of advertisements, to the taking of professional photos of your properties, to the reception of travelers, we provide complete and efficient management !

"Excellence at the service of profitability"

Seasonal rental property manager

Why choose us ?

Double your rental profitability thanks to seasonal rentals . Our team will provide complete management of your property.


It is possible to use our services for different periods of the year!


No additional costs will be requested.


The optimization of prices through our experience and our knowledge of the market ensure maximum benefit for you.


It is your house. Rent it on your terms and decide when it's available for reservations.


Our team guarantees you an infallible logistics. Our main concern: to allow you to have peace of mind, and the confidence of having left your property in good hands!

Leave us your keys and you're done!

Our values




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